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Hi! I'm Flora!

A Dietician, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Chef  

who provides nutrition counseling, personal chef services and facilitate retreats.


Being raised with health as a centerpiece of my upbringing in my home country, Brazil, becoming a Dietitian (UNIEURO, 2009) was a natural progression of my professional life. 


In the search to explore holistic approaches to integrate natural ways of healing into my practice, I came to Southern California and became a Certified Clinical Holistic Nutritionist (NHI, 2012) and a Certified Health Coach (NC, 2016). My love for nutrition has transcended into a journey of almost 10 years of professional experience providing nutritional counseling, workshops, cooking classes, personal chef services, and business consultancy.

As a nutritionist, I want to awaken your ability to use nutrition in favor of your health and inspire you to live naturally. When we dive deep into our self-development and learn how to listen to our bodies, use food as medicine, and practice natural ways of healing, we are able to understand our needs, and therefore, live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle. I am here to illustrate how eating healthy can be easy, tasty, and accessible to anyone who is willing to take part in this evolutionary adventure.​


Welcome to my website! 

Flora Staub 

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"When we create nutrition services that are unique to your body, routine, likes, dislikes, and real needs, we, together, can bring your goals into reality. 


Whether you are looking for nutrition guidance to feel healthier, vibrant and energized, or simply need support to make healthy eating more accessible to lifestyle, through on-line and nutrition consultation, personal chef services, I seek to help you find balance on your wellness journey".


Flora Straub.

I believe in the power of healthy living and find joy in teaching others how to improve the quality of their lives through holistic nutrition. My business was created to provide nutrition services that integrate science, natural healing methods, and health coaching techniques to support clients learning, practing, and sustaining a natural and healthy lifestyle with joy.


The science of nutrition is the tool I use to help people improving the way they feel physically. Functional nutrition comes through to meet each individual needs and then focus on underlying causes of health concerns by promoting GUT health, strengthening the immune system, decrease inflammation levels,  balancing hormones, and nourishing the body using food as medicine.


Natural healing methods inspire me to guide clients to reconnect with their own ability to heal naturally. Botanicals, aromatherapy, and ancient healing approaches such as Ayurveda are used to learn how to listen to the body's needs and to use the food, herbs, spices, and botanicals to make it thrive, organically.


These concepts are beautiful but they only work when they become part of our routine. That is when coaching comes through to support sharpen decision-making skills, increase self-awareness, and boost confidence. As a result, coaching tools to encourage PRACTICING a healthy and gentle lifestyle with consistency!


Whether through nutrition counseling or personal chef, I'm here give you complete support your evolutionary wellness journey. 


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