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With a creative and responsible approach to healthy eating, my online coaching focus on nutrition to promote gut health, strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, decreasing inflammation levels, managing immune conditions, and developing a healthier relationship with food - all pillars of a lifestyle that makes can feel more energized, confident, and happy! 


Virtual Consultation - Online Nutrition Coaching

1 Month of Nutritional Coaching Online (via Zoom)

Consultation 1: A 45 to 60 minutes consultation to clarify goals, design a customized meal plan, and evaluate supplementation use


Consultation 2: 30 minutes to clarify doubts, make necessary adjustments and assess future health and wellness goals. 

Support via email during the development of the program.


  • Consultation report followed by  according to your goals

  • Individualized Food Plan with substitution list 

  • Recipes selected to meet your preferences and nutritional needs 

  • Food Routine Planning -Guide Food Prep Weekly 

  • Supplementation: Assessment of current supplementation, adjustments, and supplementary prescription (if necessary)

  • Suggestions for self-care rituals and holistic practices for a more balanced lifestyle

    • OBS: All material is available in PDF files and is sent via email and/or text message 

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