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Thank you for your interest in my Online Nutrition Coaching! My name is Flora Staub and I am passionate about food and healthy living. For over a decade, I’ve dove deep into nutrition to help people use healthy eating as a tool for well-being. With an integrative approach, I listen to your story, understand your goals, and identify the best nutritional strategies for your needs. From there, I develop an individualized nutritional program that is aligned with your preferences and your lifestyle. My online coaching focus on nutrition to promote gut health, strengthen the immune system, balance hormones, decrease inflammation levels, manage immune conditions, and develop a healthier relationship with food - all pillars of a lifestyle that makes can feel more energized, confident, and happy! 

The nutrition coaching works as follows:


Virtual Consultation - Online Nutrition Coaching

1 Month of Nutritional Coaching Online (via Zoom)

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Online Nutrition Coaching 

1:1 Online Consultation: A 60 to 90 minutes consultation via Facetime/Zoom to create your customized nutrition program that comes with the following materials: 

  • Action Plan: Here we will clarify your goals and draw up an action plan defining the best strategies for your lifestyle.

  • Meal Plan: Customized meal plan with substitution list

  • Recipes:  Personalized recipes that match your taste and nutritional needs

  • Supplementation: Assessment of current supplementation, adjustments, and supplementary prescription as needed it

  • Self-care/Rituals:  Suggestions of holistic practices for a more balanced lifestyle

  • Support: Available to answer questions via email or text for weeks

  • Materials: All material is available in PDF files and is sent by email and/or to your phone via text message

Defining your Nutrition Plan: On our first consultation, we discuss the time and  the number of consultations that will be needed for you to reach your goals and get you where exactly you want to be

The whole purpose is that you leave the service feeling more confident to make smart food choices on a daily basis progressing to a balanced, conscious, and sustainable lifestyle.

Send a message below to start now the conversation about your nutrition journey! I would love to hear how can I help you achieve  your optimal health!

Fresh Vegetables
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