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Nourishing  meals made for you  

Available in SD
County & some

areas of OC

The Personal Chef Service is where I make food as medicine to come through! As a nutritionist, foodie, and cook, the way I express my art is by crafting nourishing and delicious foods that feed the body and soul.

Ready to Serve


Seeing the value time has these days in our lives, I understand that even though we know that eating healthy is key for our well-being, researching recipes, shopping for good ingredients, cooking, and cleaning might not fit into our schedule all the time.


Therefore, I expanded my purpose in providing nourishment and developed my personal chef service, which has become one of the most powerful tools I have to help people make healthy eating become part of their lifestyle.  


In addition to the commodity, this service enables people to develop solid healthy eating habits from nutrient-dense meals, which results in experiencing that great feeling of healthiness, wellness, and balance. 

Chef Salad
Chef Garnishing a Meal


How it works:

The program starts with a consultation (online, by phone, or in-person) to discuss your food preferences, nutritional concerns, routine, and

lifestyle. A customized menu is then tailored to your likes and dislikes, 

including dietary restrictions and other special requests. All plans allow for customization and are flexible based on family size, and desired menu. The menu will be confirmed 24-48 hours before the service date. 

On the day of your cooking session, fresh, organic, and local ingredients will be brought to your home to cook the recipes of your choice. Meals are packaged and stored in the fridge afterward, so they are ready to be enjoyed! I bring all cooking equipment and my travel my pantry with spices, some key healthy ingredients, and fresh herbs and greens from my garden. At the end of each session, I will leave a personal chef service report with the recipes, grocery shopping receipts, and the total cost of the service. 


 The service includes:

  • Menu planning and recipe development 

  • Grocery Shopping:  most ingredients are organic and locally produced

  • Cooking Time: an average session typically includes 4-7 recipes in total 

  • Packaging: food will be stored in BPA-free containers in either individual portions or “family style”.

  •  Service Reports: A description of all meals cooked, receipts from grocery stores, the final price, and any other additional information about the session performed. 


The personal chef service investment varies according to the size of the household, the number of recipes cooked and the frequency of the service will be performed (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a single session). Please describe to me your health goals and concerns on the form below, and I will be happy to get you a price quote for this fantastic service. 

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